Tiago M. Vieira on software engineering in general


Open source advocate, pythonista, linux nerd, minimalist, books-lover, coffee-lover, information security paranoid + skeptical inquirer and open data supporter.

I have over 15 years of professional experience contributing and leading the implementations of technical solutions and the development of technical products. I have both started my own company and have had the chance to further progress my career in an international setting.

I continuously apply the knowledge acquired through my professional experiences to increase systems quality in competitive and demanding environments. I gain tremendous professional satisfaction leading companies and people through difficult challenges and opportunities ensuring their goals are achieved in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Education and Certifications

Professional experience

I have experience across different industries such as telecomm, banking, independent software vendor, information service providers, media and printing. Today, my strongest skills are on:

  • Developing web applications
  • Developing backend services with Python
  • Administrating linux systems and infrastructure
  • Practicing agile devops processes and automation
  • Engineering quality processes throughout the software life-cycle

During my career I had experience with the following areas:

  • Development with C, Python, Javascript and Java
  • Software architecture (high availability, web applications, component architecture, service oriented architecture, API design)
  • Build and Release systems
  • Infosec risk analysis and management
  • Software and systems automation
  • Configuration management (Ansible, Puppet and Chef)
  • Linux operating systems, applications and utilities
  • Systems monitoring and troubleshooting

I’m Senior Quality Engineer at Red Hat (though all opinions and content on this website and social networks are my own)

In my spare time I’m also a Coffee Roaster, Cupper and Brewer Certified by London School of Coffee.


If you want to get in touch with me, email is best:

tiago at tvieira dot com

Please use my public key to keep our messages confidential.

My key fingerprint is

2525 D9C5 A152 54C0 575F 102E 2CB8 A45A E245 073D

My keybase is https://keybase.io/tmoreira

Social Profile

I do have Facebook which I barely update. But when I do, it is to update my family and close friends only.

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