Tiago M. Vieira on software engineering, general aviation and other things


Did I tell you something that was useful to you or did some of my projects helped you somehow?

It is a pleasure to help open source communities and people. I do this because I believe we will have a better World if we all help each other through what we believe are our best capabilities - and technology has always been my biggest passion. I do not expect anything in return of my help, but throughout many years I see some people assuming they won’t ask for help anymore because they were shy or because they were feeling they have to give something back to me and they don’t know what.

Worry you must not. If you want to help me because I helped you or even because I did something that you liked and you want to contribute back but you don’t know how, here are some ideas:

  • I will always assume that you should first give back to the open source communities. If you do then please, give up reading the other tips and keep doing your great work - the world needs more people like you. Helping the open source communities you not only help one person, but many people and organizations!

  • Fork one of my projects and give your contribution back making them better!

  • Go to my Linkedin profile and give me a testimonial and +1 in my skills.

  • Say thank you via my Say Thanks Link

  • Give me some cash - many of applications and books I use for researching and studying I paid with my own money - you can help me on recovering these investments. Go to my Paypal and give me as much as you want - I appreciate it and be assured I will reinvest it by buying more books or donating to open source communities.

  • If giving money doesn’t feel good to you, I still want to have few books for references and research - take a look at my Amazon wish list.

  • Donate to the open source community directly - I would suggest you to donate to Python Software Foundation. They help many other projects with your donations.

You may ask yourself “is this guy working for free then?” - of course not! I have a family and they need shelter and food, I have to pay my bills and the school for my kids. Because of that I do have a regular job where I use the best of my capabilities to help the company grow and succeed on its goals. I do help people and communities in my spare time.

I’m glad I could help you and I thank you very much in advance, and may the force be with you. (-: